Sunday, July 24, 2011

Playdate with Angus

Paco had an impromptu playdate on Saturday with my father-in-law's West Highland Terrier, Angus. He's a 5-year-old who took Paco's harassment in stride. You see, when Paco wants to play with another dog, he doesn't just do the usual play bow and see what happens. He barks at them incessantly in the hopes that they will respond.

In spite of Paco's nuttiness, Angus was happy to play as much as he could before he got all tuckered out. I didn't exactly realize how fast Paco was until we had him off-leash in our backyard, where he'll tear around like a madman scooting around a racetrack. In fact, he was so speedy on Sunday morning that he managed to catch a bird that had just landed on the ground.

Anyway, it was Paco's first time playing with another dog in our backyard. I'm not sure the chickens were too enthused as they kept getting freaked out and were banging around in the run when they got a little too close (they are used to Paco, but not this new dog).

We had a similar experience when Paco's met other dogs. I'm not sure why he thinks barking at the other dog will inspire them to play, but they do respond, that's for sure.

Even so, a good time was had by all.

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